Not One of Those, But One of THOSE Days!

Do you ever have days where you seriously cannot get enough of your kids? They say the cutest things, give you kisses at every turn, snuggle a little closer during story time, and thank you without prompting. Today I found myself wanting nothing more than to just be with my girls. The Doc got home early tonight and I was able to relax a little bit after dinner while he did some wrestling (as well as some other game involving water being dropped on their heads- it was evidently a big hit) and even though he could have easily put them to bed by himself, I didn’t want to miss it. We had a gloriously warm day today and spent it playing in the leaves at the park. The girls brought their babies and strollers and could not have been happier. After building a “house” out of sticks near a tree, we decided to have our snack. As we ate, BQ turned to me and said, “Does God have us all in His hands?” I grinned as I affirmed to her that yes, He does.

I have to admit that I usually try and find another mom and her kids to go to the park with, because it allows the girls to play with friends and for me to have some adult conversation. But today, I am so glad it was just the three of us, creating our own fun, being girlfriends. I know that our snack time, sweet conversation, and adventure would not have been the same if we had been with others. I don’t ever want to miss out because I am too busy with the things that I think will be more fun. How could anything be more fun than watching these beautiful ones learn, laugh, explore, and delight in life!?

To encourage anyone who had the other kind of day, hang in there. I was reminded by a friend today that the times when we feel we want to run away most from our life as a mom, are the moments in which we need to dig in deeper. It’s amazing what happens and how God can return to us the joy that we were so desperately seeking through a simple act of loving our children. So dive in, build a house out of sticks at the park, and choose to read your kids a book rather than popping in a video. I promise you won’t ever regret the investment.

How I love these little ladies.


2 thoughts on “Not One of Those, But One of THOSE Days!

  1. I love days like that and boys do we need them!!! Or even just a few minutes like that to refresh us just enough to make it through the bad days. The other night I was putting Jacob down for his nap and he looked at me smiling. I asked him what he was smiling at and he said, “you, you’re pretty cute mommy and I was just smiling at you.” My heart fluttered!!! Thanks for bringing this subject up, because we were having the “other” kind of day. The kind where people stare at you and you feel like a terrible mother. But we got through it. 🙂 We always do . . .

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