Cancer Sucks (and other expletives I don’t need to mention)

Wow, I apologize for disappearing again from blog land. Unfortunately, after Molé finished her case of the green goo, I too began to dance with this dreaded disease. Let’s just say I felt like, well, CRAP. Enter a little pill I like to call Azithromycin (okay, maybe not just me that likes to call it that) and 48 hours later…voilá. It is amazing to feel well again. I think I had been battling this bug for about two weeks, but hadn’t realized how awful I was feeling until I felt well again.

All of this has made me truly grateful. Grateful that I have access to medicine that takes the pain away, grateful that when my child was sick there was a cure, and grateful that we only had to give up two weeks of our lives to this illness. We have an old friend who is living with the reality that his two year old son has terminal leukemia. Can you even imagine what that would be like? And I was complaining about being cooped up in the house for a couple of days and missing a few activities. They have spent over 15 months battling, fighting so hard for him to be healthy, missing holidays, and all of the other basic things that we often take for granted only to be told that he is still sick. That there is no cure. Where is their magical Azithromycin? Cancer sucks. Really, it just sucks. I hate it. Despise it. Loathe it. Detest it.

Next time these raggedy old bodies of ours require a prescription that I can pick up at the store, take at home, and feel relief from I am going to be grateful. There are many who suffer in ways I can only imagine and to them I offer my deepest admiration. Above all I am grateful to know a God who in the end makes all things new, who takes away the suffering and the pain of this life, and restores all that is broken. Because of Him alone I do not lose heart and can see that beyond the despair of a world in which cures are elusive there is a Healer who will one day make it all right. And I really hope that when He does, he gives cancer one mighty kick in the ass.


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