A Case of the Green Goo

Poor little Molé. She has had an ear infection for about two weeks that has come and gone (as in ear drainage) and come back again. The girls were just a wreck this week between ears, and pink eyes, fevers and gooey noses. We did make it to the doctor yesterday and I am so grateful. Turns out BQ’s issues have resolved and she is good to go, phew, but sweet Molé was in dire need of some good old fashioned antibiotics. It’s her first time to get them. But, turns out she has a weird bacterial ear infection that requires Augmentin rather than the beautiful and tasty pink stuff, aka Amoxicillin. Unfortunately for all involved, the Aug does not share the same qualities of flavor as its antibiotic sister. And so, the ten day battle has begun. That’s right, two times a day for ten days. I tasted the stuff myself and it is hideous. Kind of a mixture of paint, sour milk, chalk, and sand. Not really exaggerating. I have tried mixing it with chocolate syrup, which was sort of successful. But, after three failed attempts this morning with applesauce and syrup, I was forced to resort to the “pin down and shove” technique. Not cool. Alas, the dose has been ingested and after 24 hours of the meds she does seem to be turning the corner. Sweet babe. How grateful I am that this is only an ear infection, one that’s treatable and short lived. There are so many parents out there with chronically sick children- I can only imagine. Here’s hoping the goo days are behind us and we can stop by tissues by the ton.


3 thoughts on “A Case of the Green Goo

  1. i am SO feeling for you – i have taken augmentin and i would much rather shoot myself in the foot. it is HORRIBLE. i’m not sure how i lived through all of my infections having to consume this stuff. but lately we discovered that (though more expensive) they do make it in pill form, so if you personally ever need it, i HIGHLY recommend that. i get shivers just THINKING about what i have had to go through with that junk!

    1. Oh, Ellie I am so sorry that you and my little crazy girl are Augmentin buddies! I agree, pill form is just the best and I can’t wait for my girls to be able to do so. Hopefully they won’t ever need it again. Thanks for watching the girls tonight! They had so much fun.

  2. my favorite quote from last night has gotta be when BQ told me “every day is sunday! tomorrow is sunday, and the next day is sunday!” and she and the other girls paraded around the room singing that! LOL

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