And I’m Back

Hey, sorry I have been so absent lately. My sweet mom was here for a week so I utilized each free moment to either nap or have some freedom! Moms are the best. I am still trying to convince her to move in with me, but so far she is not on board with the idea. Maybe a cash bribe?

I also turned the big 3-1 on Friday which, to be honest, is sort of crazy to me. I turned to my hubby last night and uttered the phrase, “31, seriously? When did that happen!!?” It isn’t that I am opposed to being “in my thirties” so to speak, it’s more that I am not sure where I was when the last ten or so years happened. To think that my 21st birthday was ten years ago, college graduation almost ten years ago, my wedding almost ten years ago and that the next decade I will hit will be 40 is, um, crazy. I sort of feel like someone accidentally hit the fast forward button on my life. I am excited about all of the different stages of life and think that the aging process is nothing to fear. What I fear is that I am keeping myself so busy with life that I am forgetting to live.

Our girls have birthdays in February and this year BQ will hit 4 and Molé 2. Spending time with my mom this past week I realized just how short the years that we have our children in our home are! There are so many days where all I can think about is them being self sufficient and me getting to have my “life” back. What a waste! My life is now, their time is now, and I want to soak it all in! Part of why I have chosen to be at home with them is so that I am able to savor these days and years before they head to school and the years really begin to fly. So why am I choosing housework over playtime and the computer over story time with these precious girls? I don’t want to hit 41 and look at my TEENAGERS (gulp) and wonder where ten years went. I want to be able to look back at years full of memories and moments.

So that is what I am learning this year. I am not a teenager and I’m not even a “young adult” anymore. As much as that sort of sucks, it’s also wonderful. I am a woman, a wife, a mother, and always and forever a daughter. 31 is today, so I’m not going to obsess about 25 or worry about 75. I want 31 to be a year to remember.


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