Little or Big?

I keep waiting for BQ to start noticing the differences between people. Whether it’s size, shape, skin tone, hair length, etc., she has so far seemed oblivious. Since she is the type who never misses anything, well at least when it’s some poor choice I’m making, this has always been surprising.

Well yesterday, as we were driving home from the store, my mom started to ask BQ about preschool. It went a little something like this:

Nana: “So BQ, what are the names of your teachers?”
BQ: “Jasmine and Karen. Those are the frog teachers.”

Nana: “Your class is the frog class, and then there is the bear class, right?
BQ: “Yes. I’m in the frog class. Mommy, who are the teachers in the bear class?

Mommy: “Don’t you remember, sweetie?”
BQ: “Um, Geri. And…what’s the other one’s name?”
Mommy: “Annemarie.”

BQ: (mumbles something from the backseat) “…little…?”
Mommy: “What was that honey?”
BQ: (same mumbling) “Geri… she…little…?”

So then I am trying to replay this in my head and it finally hits me as to what she is asking.

Mommy: “BQ, are you asking if Geri is the one with the little bunsies?”
BQ: “Yes. Who has the big bunsies and who has the little bunsies, Geri or Annemarie?
Mommy: “Um (trying so hard not to erupt in giggles) yes, BQ, Geri has littler bunsies than Annemarie”
BQ: “Okay.”

Um yes, evidently we will all now be judged and compared by the size of our bunsies. Scary thought, huh. Though butt size was not what I had imagined to be BQ’s first item of comparison, it seems to be what makes sense in her world. I’m just grateful this first round of compare and contrast happened in a rather private way, where no one needed to feel self conscious about the size of her posterior.

What random things like this have your kids said? I’d love to hear!


8 thoughts on “Little or Big?

  1. I once made the mistake of calling my breasts “bazangas” when my friend’s 3 yr old son asked what they were. He called me “Bazangas” for months, no matter where we were, and I will never forgive myself. Body part names and preschoolers, a dangerous mix.

  2. Kyle has just this year of preschool labeled her skin as “blonde” – she also has blonde hair, maybe that’s where this comes from? Her daddy, who is a tan-ish white guy is “brown”, and Tambari, her friend at Preschool who is from Africa, is “dark brown”. Go figure… BTW – I LOVE “bunsies” I will steal it now.

  3. That’s the awesomest. And also — I’m making a mental note to not visit until I’ve lost another 10lbs… πŸ˜‰

    Mia. Oh Mia. Here’s her random:

    Mia: Mom, remember that meerkat? At the Zoo? The one that was standing up?
    Me: Yes.
    Mia: His name was Paul.

    And also:

    Mia: Mommy! My two friends are here! (Imaginary)
    Me: Oh! Yay! Please introduce me.
    Mia: *holding hand about 3 inches from ground) This is Prince. But she’s a girl. And this little boy is Jerk.

  4. Oh, and Mia has been noticing the difference between people for awhile. It’s pretty cute, cause she thinks “dark brown” skin is so pretty.

    And she pointed out that, while mommy said we in our family have the same color skin, we actually don’t because it’s all different shades of peach.

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