A Walk in the Park

Is it just me or do your kids hate riding in a car seat with coats or poofy sweatshirts on as much as mine? How I dread the arrival of the cold weather, well for lots of reasons, because it means I will have to listen to whining and desperate squirming sounds in the backseat. I get the fact that with that many layers, tags, seams, and what not things could go terribly wrong. The oh so sensitive skin of a small child is just begging to be bothered by this type of apparel. It makes the simple task of going somewhere such a chore.

Tonight, my sweet hubby got home from work early, so we decided we should do something. We opted to walk to a local pizza place, even though it was raining. Luckily, on the way there it wasn’t bad so we didn’t have to eat in soggy clothes. The girls even sat in the stroller without fussing the entire 15 minute walk. We also remembered to call ahead to get the pizza started so when we arrived it was ready and we didn’t have to wait. Everyone ate well and then we strolled home in the spitty rain. It was a blast. And seriously, even if it’s a frozen tundra out there, I am definitely going to be skipping the car this winter. I’ve been too chicken to venture out without the warm bubble of my car and its heater. But hey, this is our third and final winter here so maybe it’s time. I’ll let you know how it goes. If I can avoid ten to fifteen minutes of what could be classified as the most annoying sound in the world, I’m gonna do it.


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