A Blog With a View

As I reflect on the past two days, that have for some reason seemed completely unpalatable to this normally voracious mother, I am left with nothing of a profound nature to share. So I’m gonna go with random blurts/splats/thoughts/ramblings and the like. You’ve been warned.

When nap time ends at 2 pm, an afternoon is really, really long.

Celebrating one child’s completion of a reward chart with the purchase of a new toy can create almost as much joy as grief, leading to an afternoon of hearing the phrase “She TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK it” and “Mine, mine, mine” shrieked throughout the house.

When every spare moment of a day is spent cleaning the same mess over and over, one starts to get a little cooky.

Parks with friends are good.

Coffee, strong and in large quantities, is good.

Sometimes when you think it might be okay to go into the next room since everyone is playing so “nicely” you are most likely very, very wrong.

Kids that are not picky eaters are a blessing.

Target is less fun without double shopping carts and a broken popcorn machine.

Pumpkin spice frapuccino light is in fact a rip-off. And yet, it is so good.

Crunchy apples make everyone happy. So do juice boxes.

Sometimes the indoor slide isn’t such a good idea.

I have a deep love/hate relationship now with Legos.

Mindless, brainless, “eye candy” t.v. is often the cure for a bad day.

When husbands get home…ahh.

The new recipe for tabouleh that I snagged from Cooking Light, um, rocks- you should make it now. Yes, now.

No one’s experience is the same and therefore comparisons are worthless and actually very destructive and hurtful at times.

Two little girls with pony tails is really cute.

Fall is fantastic.

“Don’t drink the water” can apply to many, many situations when you live with a 19 month old.

When you’re at Target and your child says her “bunsies” are itchy and proceeds to go in for a closer scratch, be prepared for embarrassment.

I cannot believe I am moving in 8 months!

Tub crayons have been sitting in my closet for a year and a half and we used them for the first time tonight. Why was that?

I sometimes wonder if it is actually possible for me to produce little girls who are not independent.

I love to look at my babies when they are sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping, my sweet tired husband is about to do just that and I think I should join him. What are you random thoughts of the day? I’d love to hear.


One thought on “A Blog With a View

  1. thank you for always reminding me that while trying to care for and parent in some way all these squirrly Micah guys, it’s not really any simpler to parent two sweet little girls — life is life! challenges are challenges! the little things that keep us going — are blessings! 🙂

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