I Have Just Been Informed

That it is in fact snowing inside our home. Luckily BQ has suited up with some sassy pink slippers on her feet, and her little sister’s bear slippers on her hands. Take that, super fake make pretend snow. She says “bring it” and builds a snow man out of thin air.

Ever wonder when your imagination grew so lame and unexciting. To be 3 again.

Oh, better go help fix a “mitten,” that holds a beautiful icicle (string of gold beads).


One thought on “I Have Just Been Informed

  1. LOVE their imaginations! The boys are always playing “Wipeout” (yes the tv show) with the couch, bed or walls. ( I do discourage this, usually with no luck). They love to make wash clothes turn into sting rays in the bath tub and giant puzzle pieces become butterflies. Not to mention the fact that they can turn into huge taranadon dinosaurs at the drop of a hat!! 😉 Just a few things that go on at our household . . .

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