Best Friends and Brain Washing

I was at a friend’s baby shower this past Saturday and was once again reminded how blessed I am as a mom. My dear friend is pregnant with her second baby girl, and we are all so excited. We were going around sharing stories and thoughts with her and I found myself amazed as I thought about how huge a gift it is to have these two little girls.


What I shared with the group happened on Friday while Molé was napping and BQ and I were hanging out. I asked if she wanted to look at some videos from when she was a baby and she was really excited. But, the minute I pushed play she asked, “What about Molé?” We then changed the video for Molé’s birth video (it’s not too graphic, I promise!!!) and BQ was enthralled. She kept pointing at the screen, talking about “her baby,” and loving every minute of it. She could not even fathom why she would ever want to look at pictures or video of life before her sister’s arrival. If there was ever a big sister who loved her little sister it is my BQ. There is not a picture of the two of them where she is not gazing, hugging, or simply loving this little one. I had never dreamed that she would embrace her in such a way, and I am so grateful.

My joke is that it is partly due to my brainwashing campaign. It began before Molé was born and continues to this day. I am constantly telling the girls, “Your sister is your best friend,” and so on and so on. And I have no regrets. For them to love and respect each other is so important. This is not to say that they aren’t NORMAL sisters- they argue, they fight over toys, and the push each others’ buttons all the time. But, at the end of the day, when I tuck them in and close the door, there is nothing but giggling the night away. I love it. And I am so thankful. I pray that they will only grow closer as they grow older and that regardless of where life will lead them, they will always find a safe place in each other.


3 thoughts on “Best Friends and Brain Washing

  1. I am so about the brainwashing! When Darla & Hudson have conflict I often have them sit together on the floor, hold hands, say “You’re my best friend” and then I leave them to ‘talk it out’. It immediately changes the tone of the argument and typically they end with the giggles. My mom did the same thing w/me and my siblings and we still truly are best friends! I love hearing your thoughts & knowing we’re having so many parallel experiences.

  2. what a sweet sweet picture! makes me want to grab them both up in my arms and cover them with kisses and hugs. What a great great mom you are – I am the blessed one when my two little granddaughters love one another so much. thank you.

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