Another Product For You, People


First off, I am all about good smells. Unscented candles…what? Only recently do I understand why someone would choose unscented lotion, as my skin has started to freak out a bit to certain types. But, overall, I am a girl who loves things that smell good. When it comes to cleaning products, there is no exception.

Since many of us have kids, or pets even, we are usually looking for household products that aren’t toxic or harmful to small creatures that tend to crawl along the floor or eat old Cheerios off the ground. (I totally meant pets only, NOT). These days we are really lucky to have lots of options for cleaning products that are safe for us and our environment. I’ve tried lots, many I’ve liked, but I am totally addicted now to the Seventh Generation Ruby Grapefruit and Herb Natural Glass and Surface Cleaner. Smells AMAZING and cleans really well. I actually haven’t even tried it on glass, since I don’t have much in my house. But, I’m sure it rocks on that as well. Another great thing about this cleaner, and Seventh Generation products in general, is that if you sign up on their website, you can print off coupons. They have five posted at a time and you can print each one twice. They switch out the coupons periodically too, so by the time you need another one you can usually find one.

At any rate, I’m hooked. Have any of your tried it? Leave a comment if so and tell me what you think! Happy cleaning (if that’s possible).


3 thoughts on “Another Product For You, People

  1. I used to use this religiously – I think it was the lavender one though…. BUT – then I found that plain old vinegar and water seems to work a little better on ALL surfaces, esp. my granite which can get smeary with the Seventh Generation products… and is cheaper!
    However, I LOVE Seventh’s laundry detergent! Yummmmmy smell… and actually gets the stains OUT.

    1. You are totally right about the vinegar and water. I have thought about switching many times, but that leads back to my smell issues. I gotta have the scent. Oh and I LOVE Seventh’s Blue Lavender detergent as well. Fabulous!

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