Things I’m Loving These Days…(Part 4?)

Ladies and gents, it’s back. That’s right, the list of things that I’m loving these days. So, get ready. And, make sure to make your own list!!

1. Friends. After living here for two years I finally feel like I have developed some deep, real friendships. Such a blessing.

2. BQ’s love and enthusiasm for preschool

3. My husband’s almost normal work schedule in September

4. Chatting with far away friends on the phone

5. Hot beverages

6. Cool air and cozy sweatshirts

7. The freedom of having choices

8. My sheets (jersey, $19 and A-MAZ-ING)

9. Molé’s giggles

10. Watching BQ play Legos with her daddy (not sure who enjoys it more)

11. Lattes with pretty hearts on top

12. A sister in law who sends fun lotion in the mail for no reason

13. A brother who sends his nieces cute shirts and the Mr. Potato Head family for no reason

14. A mom who clips coupons for me each week, for 8 years plus (she ROCKS)!

15. Texting

16. How my sweet husband seems to get more and more handsome everyday (it’s NO lie. he is a hottie)

17. Seeing BQ take initiative in caring for the needs of others

18. Candles that smell good

19. Tissues and a good nose spray

20. The return of good shows in the fall

21. Fall pretty much in general

22. A smaller, lighter diaper bag as the girls get older

23. No AC and no heat

24. Goodnight kisses

25. Fresh, hot coffee in the morning

That’s what I got right now, how about you? I’d love to hear.


4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving These Days…(Part 4?)

    1. Haley- totally from Target! How are they THAT fab and THAT cheap. Amazing. And Kara, you are right, but I am that obsessed with hot beverages, so I could not contain myself. 🙂

  1. OK, 3 of the 25 things you listed are a hot beverage of some sort. You are too funny. Not that I disagree of course. Good, hot coffee in the morning is loved by this mama too!

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