Being a Grown Up

Ah to be a grown up. So many years of childhood were spent dreaming about the day when we would become and adult and take on the world. Oh the control, the freedom, the fun. I definitely agree that being able to eat ice cream for dinner if I feel like it, have the freedom to come and go as I please (um, this is a bit untrue considering that I am now a parent, but that is an entire blog post on its own), and basically make my own decisions is awesome. It’s nice to not have to get permission to do things.

But, oh golly, there is a darkside to this whole being “grown up” thing. Remember when you were a kid and you really wanted something? Let’s say said item cost $20. You would save your allowance, do some things around the house to make a little extra money and then you were on your way. If you drained your savings account, no problem. Just wait for a birthday card from grandpa or the next allowance installment and you were back in business. Well, as a grown up, we all know that it doesn’t work this way. We scrounge, save, and probably lust after something fabulous but then life happens. We go to get our oil changed only to find out that our car is leaking oil from a cracked “casket” (is that the right word?) and we need to pay $350 to get that fixed. Sweet. In addition, some random thing called “trail arm buffings” (honestly I can’t even remember what it’s really called) that they have been warning me about for a year has finally gone to heck and also needs to be replaced. But don’t worry, that’s only like $500. Sweet.

Unfortunately, my parents don’t need me to paint their trees anymore (can I get a “what what” AZ folks) and I definitely do not get paid to empty the dishwasher around here. So, to get $850 back into my savings account is no small fete. And, you know what, there were some things that this little girl had her eye on, not to mention the fact that we are attempting to save for all of the ridiculous costs of moving from the east coast to the west coast next June.

So, *sigh* the downside of being all grown up shows up when I am definitely not in the mood. Lame.


3 thoughts on “Being a Grown Up

  1. I am so with you here. We decided to do this major maintenance work on the ’97 CRV (167,000 miles and counting!) a month ago after our mechanic ASSURED us there were another 80,000 miles in this car (it’s been sooo good to us!). And then – yup – the “crank shaft pulley” broke. He could repair one part of it ($350), but the other piece is “slightly damaged,” and while he didn’t say we should go car shopping, that may be exactly what happens. I certainly didn’t plan on doing THAT this year!

  2. I totally hear you! I hate being poor, and yes we still are! I keep thinking hopefully it won’t last too long, but it probably will. Just in time to start paying for my kids’ college. đŸ™‚

  3. We are there!! Here’s the way I try to look at it. If you did have the money in savings, then at least you had the money. It sucks for your savings to take a big hit, but it’s better than not having it at all. Not gonna lie to you, we are at a place were we have no savings. Sucks. I commend you for being able to save. Sorry you have to use it on such sucky things.

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