I’m Lovin’ It

I have been slacking on sharing some of the products and things that I love lately. But, I am hoping to have at least two things a month on here that are making my life easier. So here goes. I offer you, a sponge.


I bought these sponges recently because I had a coupon and thought, “ooh, why not go green.” I figured I would just sort of use them and then go back to my regular green or blue versions. You know, the kind with the sponge part on one side and the scrubby on the other. At any rate, I was SHOCKED to discover that not only are these sponges good, they are 10 times better than the others. They are some freakin’ amazing sponges. More absorbent, softer, nice and scrubby, and just plain awesome.

Next time you need to buy some, forget the old blues and greens. Go brown, or green if you will, and you will never look back. Happy wiping.


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