Better and Better, My Friends

Because I don’t believe in “jinxing” or funny business like that I’m going to go ahead and say this straight up. The girls, lately, are getting more manageable. I know, risky, but it must be said. All of a sudden BQ is a bit more rational, there’s less drama for each minor injury, and the whining has even slowed down. I know, WOW. Molé of course is still on the verge of entering many of these lovely stages and so things could get quite ugly soon. Or at any moment for that matter. But, I’m gonna attempt to savor the fact that I am at a stage where I get to have a full night’s sleep each night, the ability to go out for adventures without stopping for multiple napping schedules, and even freedom to leave the house with minimal supplies. It rocks.

I feel like I am beginning to reap some of the rewards of having the girls closer than farther apart. So, for those of you with two kids that are two years apart or less hang in there, especially if one of those is an infant. I promise it really does get better. And your sanity will come back. Maybe motherhood isn’t so bad after all.


3 thoughts on “Better and Better, My Friends

  1. It works out nice that way . . .it’s God’s way of keeping procreation going. You start to feel in control again, enjoying the independence and the memories of the insanity start to fade. Then you start to think, “would it be so bad to add another little one?” hehe 😉

  2. Mine are 19 months apart, now 5 and 3….I love leaving the house with nothing! They started playing great together about a year ago. It’s wonderful! We still have the whining. Which comes and goes, but mostly comes.

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