So BQ has entered the world of preschool. Yesterday she headed off with her new lunch “box,” an empty backpack that she just wanted to bring, and A LOT of excitement. She loved it. LOVED IT. And I love getting to see her soar. I cringe at the use of that word, and sort of feel like I’m in the middle of a bad Bette Midler or Bob Carlisle song, but it’s totally what it is. As parents we are constantly pouring our hearts, energy, love, time, resources, and selves into our children. It’s really hard to think about them entering the real world, leaving the safety of the world that we have so carefully crafted around them. And yet, if we are good parents, that is exactly what we are trying so hard to do from day one. To give them the strength to be themselves, to stand up in a world that is constantly falling down, and to give them our hearts as their forever safe place in life. It is really hard and really fabulous all at the same time. I am so grateful that is is a slow process. I think three days a week for three hours at a time is about all this momma is ready for at this point. But I hope that I can continue to raise and love my girls in a way that prepares them for the day when they won’t sleep in the room next to mine, won’t live nearby, or even in the same country! I don’t want to do anything that would weigh them down. I want to be inside the cheesy song watching these amazing girls spread their wings and soar.


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