Do you ever find that when your children are screaming you secretly want to join them? If one of the girls is having a fit I can deal, but when they are both melting down at the same time I’m sort of at a loss. I wish I could share with you the ear piercing screams I experienced this morning while we were out exploring a local farm. Yikes. I wonder what would have happened if I had just decided to sit down in the middle of the parking lot and scream too? Has anyone tried that? Hmm…


3 thoughts on “Screaming

  1. I have. They stop and look at me like I’m crazy…and I just might be. But then I say, doesn’t that sound bad? do you like that sound? that’s what you sound like. It worked for that episode and no more, but it also felt very good!

  2. yep, i’ve done it. probably not in public (at least not that i can remember)… it freaked my kids out! i think it scared them and i felt even guiltier. 😦

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