It’s All About the Letter G

Cutie booty

I am going to try and start sharing about specific products I love on here, not because I have any personal gain from it, but because when stuff rocks and makes my life easier, it’s worth passing along. Also, if you noticed, I added a new column on your left called “Stuff I’m Crushing On” which will be a place where I put some links to sites that have some of the things I talk about. Sound good?

So today, I want to tell you about the diapers that we’ve been using since Molé was born. When BQ came along, I didn’t know anyone who did anything other than disposables. I had no idea how many cloth or hybrid options were out there. Heck, I didn’t even know that there were disposables that were less horrible for the environment. I wish that I had known how easy, cute, and wonderful they are. When I was pregnant with Molé I came across the G Diaper and thought we’d give it a go. Basically it is a cloth diapering system that involves a compostable/flushable/tossable insert. Being someone who is very conscious of wasting water, that’s what happens when you grow up in the desert, I wasn’t sure the full cloth diapers were for me. I was really worried about doing extra laundry and using extra water and energy. So, with that in mind, I figured that this would be a great choice. I could not have been more right. (and that doesn’t happen very often). I have loved these diapers from the start. Recently, my love affair has grown even more as they have introduced the G cloth, which is a cloth insert for the same diaper. Now I can either use the compostable/flushable/tossable insert or the cloth one. Fabulous. And, the water and energy use that I was so worried about is a non issue, as they do not require multiple loads in the washer. I have found the cloth insert to be so easy, that we are basically 100% cloth around the house and use the throw aways when we are out and about. (you know we have a rockin’ social life). If you have ever considered cloth diapering, I would encourage you to look into G Diapers. Honestly, they are easy. And, even if you use the throw away inserts, you are only looking at 150 days to biodegrade versus 500 YEARS for your regular disposables. That wasn’t a type-o by the way. 500 YEARS. Sick, I know.

A basket full of G's

Do any of you do cloth? What do you like? I’d love to hear your thoughts. And here are two blogs that have recent posts about cloth diapering if you are in the market!

The Train to Crazy

Happily Domestic

P.S. If you are worried about the start up costs, I hear you. A couple of options for that include looking at sites like Craigslist and Ebay for used (really, it’s not gross), some websites where people swap diapers, or just borrowing from a friend. My small G’s are now on their 3rd baby. Anyway, some thoughts.


5 thoughts on “It’s All About the Letter G

  1. I eye those things every time I pass them in BRU. I heard back in the day that they leak… I’m wondering if they haven’t leaked for you because you have girls or because they actually don’t leak. 🙂

    And you really don’t have to do multiple loads of wash with the inserts? That would rock.

  2. A few questions for you about this … Is this completely an environmental thing or are there other advantages? (e.g., Do you save money with G Diapers? Are they more comfortable for the kids?) Also, what do you do when you leave your child in a PMO/Child Care situation? Do they mind changing the hybrid diapers?

    1. good questions. for me, the first reason is environmental- that is what moved me to even look at alternatives. i was literally unable to continue buying regular disposable diapers after hearing that they live on for 500 years. i was not willing to do that. when i started to look at the cloth options though saving money and the fact that they are chlorine free and very soft and not irritating to the skin were awesome draws as well. when you do purely cloth, you definitely save a ton of money. in terms of childcare situations, it really depends. our church, get this, THREW ONE OUT, and so i have never sent her back in a g. i usually drop her off in a disposable, i like the seventh generation, so i don’t have to worry. comfort wise, i think they are really comfy. molé seems to really like them.

  3. Wow…I’ve learned of SO many friends from high school and college using cloth (or something other than purely disposable :)! I started using cloth pocket diapers with Lilly and cloth trainers at night with Caleb because I was tired of buying pull-ups when he was potty training. I LOVED the g-s with Molly, but only had a couple because I mostly used the cloth I had from Lilly. I used an infant prefold in them because they didn’t sell g cloth inserts yet 🙂

    I like them because they save money (esp. using them again on another baby!), they feel better for the kids (would you want to wear a plastic pad 24/7? yuck!), and the idea of poopy diapers sitting in a landfill and contaminating the ground water is NASTY (I mean really, who actually dumps the poop from a disposable into the potty?)! This way, poop goes where it should…into the sewage system to be properly treated. I did use disposable when we were out and about (or for church), but tried to be responsible about it 🙂

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