Just as a warning, this post is quite mommy-esque and might seem like boring kid talk to those readers without kids. So, feel free to move on to the next blog on your list. But, for those of you who, like me, are constantly looking for ways entertain your kiddos, I thought I’d share some recent crafty loves I’ve been working on to keep my ladies busy.

BQ has always loved crafts and back in the day when Molé napped multiple times a day, we would have some great one on one time doing various projects. For those of you with a new baby in the house, I definitely recommend doing this. It is so nice to do something focused with your older child when you have one on one time. Did that make sense? Basically, I found that with BQ rather than just doing random play together, we were able to connect and really enjoy doing a “big girl” project. Obviously that might not be true for your child, but it was with mine. This worked great for us for a while, but when Molé became mobile and then went down to only one nap, it made our crafting pretty much non existent. Luckily, now at 18 months, we have reached an even better stage where not only is Molé not in the way, she is able to participate! And, BQ loves having her best friend and mommy do it all together. It definitely helps the morning restlessness in our home as well.

Okay, so here are some of the things we have enjoyed, that are really easy. I just thought I’d pass them along, because I know I’m always looking for ideas. You may already do them yourself, or may have other fun ideas to add. Please feel free to leave your ideas in the comments, because I would LOVE them. And, as a reminder, my girls are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 and obviously some of the things I modify for my younger daughter as we go along. At any rate, some crafty fun.

1. Stickers! Um, these rock. I slap a piece of paper up on the easel, or we do it at the table, hand BQ a sheet of stickers and she is off. Molé can’t quite hold her own sheet and peel them off, so I sit there and hand them too her. This is easy to do while also sipping on that morning cup of coffee. I kid you not that we often do this for an hour. An 18 month old completely happy doing the same thing for an hour is FABULOUS. I buy cheap stickers in bulk, since we tend to crank through them! Oriental Trading Company is a fabulous resource.

2. Old container decorating! Okay, sounds odd, but you know those old coffee canisters, Crystal Light containers, etc? Great for a craft. I’ve thrown some paper around the containers so that the girls can draw on them, slap stickers on them, glue on pom poms, paint, whatever they want. You can even create strategically create them to help you organize things like markers, crayons, etc. Super fun. Doing that this morning, in fact.

3. Old greeting cards! A friend of mine recently turned me on to this. Take your old greeting cards and reuse them for projects. I like to go through them and either cut out fun images and words or if it is a pattern type card I cut out shapes. These can them be glued onto projects. Very easy, very cheap, and a great way to reuse something you already have.

4. Watercolor paints. Um, the best. Easy to clean, one brush involved, and cheap. They even make coloring books that are made for doing water color. Nice.

5. Twistable crayons. If your child gets as frustrated as mine when her crayons are constantly snapping in half, these are the best. Why they don’t make shorter crayons for small hands yet is beyond me. They seem to just make them fatter, which really doesn’t help. At any rate, these are awesome because they are much harder to break. Not impossible 🙂 just harder.

6. Iron on shapes. I bought these $.99 fabric purses and we had a blast decorating them. I just bought a little bag of iron on butterflies and let BQ tell me where to place them. After they were cooled, I helped her decorate with puff paint. Remember that stuff? I used to make some crazy earrings with that action.

Anyway, these are just a couple and I will try to add some at regular intervals. Again, I would LOVE your ideas!!! Happy crafting to you.


3 thoughts on “Craft-tastic

  1. G is also a big fan of stickers. Today we tried a new craft I’d been wanting to do…coloring a coffee filter with markers and then painting it with water to watch the colors run!

  2. Along the line of stickers, my mom picked up foam (I think they are some sort of foam) animals, letters, numbers etc. that are sticky. You do have to peel the back off, so I have to help A with that, but J can pretty much do it on his own. You can buy the foam squares to put them on or regular old paper works great too! My mom bought some little magnets and we made picture frames for the fridge with them. Plus, they are inexpensive!! The boys LOVE to play with them!

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