The Milk Man

Believe it or not, I am not referring to a certain time of life where I have felt like just that. But, I guess a milk-woman. I am stoked about the fact that starting next Friday we are going to have a milkman bringing us yummy, fresh milk! The dairy is about an hour away, so it’s great to know that our milk isn’t coming from thousands of miles away. Have you ever thought about doing it old school and doing the milkman thing? More affordable than you think! Plus, it comes in glass bottles that are reused, so you aren’t wasting a plastic milk carton every week. And the obvious, the milk is super fresh and you know where it comes from. Oh, and the best of all, no need to rush to the store with crazy children just to get milk. That is going to rock in the winter!! Love it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anybody else going the milkman route? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Who knows what could happen. After all, my mom met the mom of one of my best friends (we’ve been friends since we were 2) through the milkman back in ’80. The possibilities are endless!


14 thoughts on “The Milk Man

    1. andrea, not raw milk and they totally deliver in your ‘hood if you are interested. i haven’t thought much about raw milk, but my mom raves about drinking it on her grandparent’s farm when she was a child. ang, i just googled the name of my city and milk delivery.

    1. yep, totally crescent ridge. btw, i did find out that these cows are put out to pasture to graze, which is awesome. here’s what the guy wrote me about their cows and organic milk regulations here. Pretty interesting. “Organic milk comes from farms that are certified organic which means the feed the cows are getting are organic as well as the land the cows are on. This means that no pesticides are used and they must meet organic regulations for 5 years to be considered organic. Our whole milk comes from the award winning Howrigan Farm in northern Vermont. They let the cows graze the fields, they also grow their own corn. They are given a grain to balance out their diet. The cows are never treated with the rBST hormone. Crescent Ridge also pays a premium to St. Albans Coop to make sure the non fat milk we are getting is also coming from cows that have not been treated with the growth hormone. Once we get the raw product in Sharon we use a technique called small batch blending. We take the premium skim milk and the whole milk and blend them together to make the 1% and 2% milks. This gives them a great creamy mouth feel. We feel this is why so many people love Crescent Ridge Dairy milk.
      You also asked why we are not organic. The reason is we never have been. When an organic milk is pasteurized it is brought up to a really high temp for a longer period of time. This has the tendency to kill some of the vitamins that make milk so healthy. We use a technique called HTST which is High temp for short time. We bring the milk up to 175 degrees for 38 seconds and then drop it back to 34 degrees. This kills any harmful bacteria but leaves the vitamins in the milk making it a healthy and delicious product.”

  1. We had a milkman when we were little, and then when Ben’s fam lived in Colorado, they had a milkman. The fresh chocolate milk was like drinking heaven.

  2. Not to pick a part what he was saying, but ultra pasteurization (the high temps) is only for a fraction of a second, not for longer times like he says… but, who is splitting hairs… 🙂 Also, I’m assuming the cows get antibiotics and other medications, just not the rBST?

    So, is it really creamier? And, more importantly, does the milkman wear a white uniform with a hat?

  3. Delivered milk is COMPLETELY different. Richer taste, amazing. Now if I can have fresh eggs again. Spoiled at my parents in Idaho where we gather the eggs for breakfast. We’re about to buy a part of a cow too… maybe if a ton of us do this we can change the way our food is produced!

  4. It all sounds great. We want to give our children in Shelburne, VT the gift of a milkman’s delivery – how do I start that process? It will be super for them. Thank you.

    1. I would recommend searching for a company that delivers milk near you. I would think in VT you would definitely have options. Then you can choose which you prefer based on price, selection or anything else that is important to you. Hope you find something great!

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