Things I’m Enjoying These Days (Part 3?)

In order to help myself get a proper “attitude adjustment” I am going to once again make a list of the things that I am loving these days. Somehow when my hubby works nights I find myself slipping easily into a “woe is me” mode and I definitely do not want to live like that. So, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts…

Coffee. Still loving it. Can’t get enough.


The freedom of our days since summer means basically no schedule

Preschool starts in a month

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law come to visit in two weeks (and they totally rock)

Fresh veggies from our garden. Oh so cheap and oh so tasty

It’s finally hot enough for the girls to wear their cute summer clothes (or for Molé to get to just chill in a diaper which is always my fave)

Ice cream on a daily basis

Facebook. Yes, I love Facebook.

Music. Any and all, it is just one of the best things in life

Writing. I love to write and am trying to do it more and more

Air conditioning

Our car. It’s small, fuel efficient, no frills, and fabulous.

Strollers with buggy boards (if you don’t have one, you need to get one)

The beginning of craft times where both girls can participate

Playing with friends (especially fun friends who have the Wii Fit 🙂

New babies to love on

My girls. Period. They are just the coolest.

Water. We are so blessed to have it and I’m even more aware of that during the summer.

Free stuff

G-cloth and Gdiapers in general

Crystal Light beverages (especially lemonade and raspberry lemonade)

And salad

That’s it for now, though there are many more things I am definitely thankful for on a daily basis. But, Curious George has ended and I must attend to these crazy people. Remember to make your own list- I swear it’s quite therapeutic.


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