That’s Right, I Have These Two Girls…

So lately I feel like I have been hugely neglecting my sweet little ladies on here. In the midst of mommy’s rambling thoughts, their cuteness, antics, and developments have been unfortunately omitted! My apologies. After all, this is a blog about life and mothering, which for me are pretty much one in the same these days!

BQ…where to start? On the one hand there are the many minutes of the day when her independence, stubbornness and borderline sass threaten to send me over the edge and on the other hand there are the many more moments when she is completely amazing me with her growth, compassion and passion for life. I think that’s probably the case for most 3 1/2 year olds that you seem to have this constant tension between the really, really good and the “are you KIDDING me that you’re doing that” moments. She starts preschool in September and is beyond excited. It will only be three days a week for three hours each day, but wow, it feels like a huge step. Of course, she’ll just wave me off and go about her business while I go home misty eyed. Such is life. I am eager for her to have other adults in her life who can teach her, love her, and most of all really know her. With our current phase of life, the girls really do spend like 90% of their time with just me. It’s wonderful in some ways, but in others really a drag. It is crucial that they have other positive influences in their lives as well as others who can teach them things that I cannot. And, there are not many other adults who really know the girls, as we don’t have family nearby. When we are with family, they are amazing, but unfortunately it’s just not as often as we would like. (that is until we move in June- woo hoo). But, here are some things I love about my BQ these days…

She really and truly loves her sister
She can be completely entertained with some paper and a sheet of stickers
She will eat anything- really, anything.
She will ask me how I’m doing, and even cheer me on when I am working on a project that seems to be giving me frustration. (it’s the cutest- “good job mommy. you’re doing great. you can do it”)
She LOVES people. It’s a bit overwhelming how hyped up she gets when we have guests over for dinner
She’s so independent, dressing herself, taking care of some wiping duties, and putting on her shoes and socks- love it
She is letting me experiment with different hairstyles in her cute locks! Before it was a battle I chose not to fight so it was a “little pony” everyday. But now, the options are endless!!
She likes to wear socks at all times, even in the summer when it is 84 degrees inside and 80% humidity
She loves to learn
She is starting to sing more- so sweet
She is making really good friends and learning how to be a good friend
She is more and more flexible everyday!! (huge progress here)
She LOVES her family- aunts, uncles, grandparents, sister, cousin, parents- she can’t get enough!!
She keeps me humble
She’s quite witty when she wants to be
She will always be my sweet baby

So that is a bit about my big girl and now onto my “baby.” I’m totally in denial that Molé is truly a toddler. All signs of babyhood are gone. Every once and a while a big kid on the playground will call her a baby as she charges up the stairs and plummets down the slide, but that’s about it. Now that some dear friends have newborns again, I have no way of denying that she is in fact growing up. Sigh. She continues to be the sweetest and easiest little one, with the occasional toddler tantrums now starting. Luckily they don’t last long and she soon returns to her cheerful self. They usually occur when I stop her from doing something crazy like running into the street, or jumping off of furniture. If there is the danger of loss of limb, she’s game. Amazing how different our girls are in that way! But, she is a delight, grinning from ear to ear when she says “peeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssse” aka please, and using more and more words each day. When she says her name it’s pretty much the cutest. And you can often find her running around the house shouting after her sister. I love watching them together. So, for my sweet Molé, here are some of the things I love about her today!

She loves to sleep
She is a great dancer
She loves to give kisses
She’s tough- bloody knees or noses do not phase this little one
She has the most hilarious run
She let me paint her toes the other night
She is pretty much in love with the entire cast of Dora
She can keep up with the big kids
She, unlike her sister, never wants to wear socks because she’s obsessed with her toes
She too is a great eater
She is starting to communicate better and better each day and I love it
She has the cutest round little belly
She smiles constantly
She LOVES her sister and wants to do everything with her at all times
She is so darn easy to love

Sorry if I’ve bored you with this post, but it had to be done. I cannot begin to thank God for the privilege of knowing and raising these girls. With all the drama and many days I want to quit, I am above all a very blessed woman indeed.


2 thoughts on “That’s Right, I Have These Two Girls…

  1. So sweet. I wish I knew Mole better. I know BQ is so different than when you lived here. I like these updates because I feel like I get to know them a bit better, if only on paper. Miss you guys!

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