It’s Been a Long Time

Wow. First off, I should have let you all know that I would be on vacation and that the blog would not be getting much attention. So sorry. But, I am back now and slowly getting into the swing of things here on the home front. My sweet hubby still has two more days off so we are trying maximize the time.

Before I tell you about my vaca, let me first start by clarifying what those of us with young children who have attempted this before know too well- vacation, true vacation, does not really exist for those with little kids. We might better call these “bold excursions into the unknown,” or “breaks from the norm” or “same stuff, different place,” or even “why did I think that was a good idea.” This past April we experienced the “same stuff, different place” variety when we took the girls to a little cabin about two hours away. It was definitely worth it and I think everyone had a good time, but it was far from relaxing or a “break.” Our “vacation” last week was much better, because this time we were smart enough to call for reinforcements in the form of grandparents and aunts and uncles. I think this is the closest that we can currently get to the real deal, because with more hands around to wrangle and entertain the wee ones, there are moments for a date night, kayak ride for two and moments to catch up with a good book. Thank God for great in-laws.

So, our vacation was pretty darn good. And, the blogging will resume. Ah, a wee one calls…


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