What I am is, well, what I am

My husband’s work schedule does not always do wonders for my waistline and tonight that got me to thinking. Rather than going to the places of “man, I need to drop 10 pounds,” or “maybe I should look into wearing make-up on a regular basis,” or “why did I wear that out of the house this morning,” I decided that it’s time I take some serious ownership of what it is that I am. And, to call out what I’m not in a way that makes it not only okay, but simply another part of me. At the end of the day I’m stuck with me and rather than spending my time lamenting what I think, or what I think others might think, I “should” be, I’m gonna embrace the whole enchilada. So, brace yourselves for some brutal honesty.

I am 30 years old (I often wonder how that happened)

I have cellulite

I have had to have two c-sections (one for a breech baby which was scheduled and another for a sunny-side up baby that didn’t want to budge even after full dilation and 3 hours of REALLY hard pushing in 7 positions) and even though it’s been 16 months I still replay my labor at least two nights a week in my head before I fall asleep wondering what I did wrong

I don’t wear make-up everyday and doubt that I apply it correctly when I do

I don’t pluck or wax my eyebrows regularly and honestly could care less

When I sit down, my stomach oozes over my waistband (standing is a beautiful thing)

I don’t like to workout at the gym

I don’t highlight or dye my hair and I get mine cut at Great Clips for $13 maybe twice a year

Pregnancy has left me with lots of varicose veins and as much as I’d love to just wear pants for the rest of my life, I’m okay with answering questions about “what happened”

I still think my husband is really hot

I eat bread and have no intention of stopping

My wardrobe has not changed much in the last couple of years and while I don’t have much fashion sense, I still love me some America’s Next Top Model

I like watching t.v.

I really, really, really like coffee.

I not only believe in Jesus, but want my life to reflect that. And frankly, it’s really hard at times.

My house has clutter, pretty much all the time

I like food more than I want to be skinny

I’m not a pet person (sorry) but I will always fake it for people I love 🙂

I’m opinionated and brutally honest

I love my family

And I am learning each and everyday that I’m not half bad. 🙂

Well, that’s just a start. What about you? Claim it and rock it.


13 thoughts on “What I am is, well, what I am

  1. Awww… sounds lovely! I had a friend mention to me about all the terrible things they put in cosmetics and I got to say “that’s why I don’t wear them” and then laugh to myself a little.

  2. I still replay the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy wondering what I could have done to flip her. or what I did to get her stuck. I think it goes along with the territory. ebrace it — scars are cool, after all.

    I also like food. Way too much.

    I am about to go have some popcorn and Dr. Pepper even though I said I was going to stop because I’d like to lose 10lbs. Ah, well.

    I worry. A lot lately. That didn’t use to happen.

    I’m more frugal than I am fashionable.

    I love coupons. there, I said it.

    My tummy also oozes over my jeans.

    I don’t shave everyday.

    I haven’t gotten a haircut since I was pregnant. My kid is 5 1/2 months.

  3. amen sista. i don’t wear make-up… shave weekly and that’s only in the summer… eyebrows are often neglected… a friend cuts my hair for $20 about 3x a year… i don’t have a gym membership… rarely wash my face… don’t shower daily… the list goes on. but my husband thinks i’m hot stuff and my kids love me. so there ya go. claiming it and rockin it!

  4. I replay my pregnancy and especially Joey’s delivery wondering if I could have endured labor a little longer for his lungs.

    My tummy oozes over my pants – I remember the days I could wear a bikini (nothing skimpy, but a two-piece) Now I shop for something that doesn’t accentuate my Mom boobs.

    I too love coupons and saving money – it has become a game to me.

    Food rocks, the flavors and how it alerts my senses.

    Clutter is our middle name. With kids I don’t think there is any other way.

    I wouldn’t trade the body, the scary birth memories or all the money in the world (kids make you broke) because I have two beautiful children and I too have an awesome husband.

    Thanks for the great blog. It is wonderful to know I am not the only one experiencing the journey called life and fumbling through it at times.

  5. Another refreshing blog! 🙂 Okay, since you asked for it, here it goes….

    I too sport the muffin top, even though I work out vigorously 4 days a week (argh!). I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I have the “Linkous gut” and it’s there to stay.
    I despise the gym and working out and have no idea what people are referring to when they speak of a “post-workout high”. All I want to do after I workout is eat, shower and nap.
    I adore TV and cannot imagine life without it.
    I eat Chipotle at least once a week.
    I love food too much to ever be as skinny as I’d like to be.
    I will never say no to a trip to Dairy Queen. 😉
    I nap more than most toddlers.
    I’m a little ashamed to say that when we do have kids, I hope to only have boys.
    I only shave my legs once a week.
    I pretty much throw my hair in ponytail everyday.
    I live in t-shirts, jeans and flipflops.
    Although I’d never have one (granted I’ve never had kids), I secretly want a boob job.

    I could go on forever, but I’ll spare you. Needless to say, you are not alone. 😉

  6. Oh, I almost forgot…..I wear granny panties and refuse to wear anything else! Regardless of what people say “thongs” are NOT comfortable!

  7. I also am not a pet person, and I don’t really care to be one.

    I hated having my first c-section and railed against medical technology for it, but then the second c-section saved my second son’s life.

    Muffin top. Working to embrace it.

    I often enjoy not showering because it makes me feel free. Other days I have to shower because I don’t feel human otherwise.

    I drink diet Coke every day, even when I’m pregnant and nursing. I care some, but not enough to stop. If I really thought it was hurting my kids, I would.

    I like being a homebody and have become much more of one in the last few years.

    I am almost always exhausted – always have been since I’m a lifelong insomniac – but I get so excited to be around people that it wakes me up when I am.

    I hate to cook and am eternally grateful that my husband likes to.

    Massages are one of my favorite things in the world and I’d get one every week if I could afford it.

    After having my first son, I wanted to stay home some but also really wanted to work. Now that I have two boys, I hope never to work again.

    Since we have two boys, people ask if we’re going to “try for the girl” after this. Umm, we were planning on having three kids anyway and I would be THRILLED if the third was a boy!

    I was a tomboy growing up and loved it.

    I’m only 5’1″ and my feet are a size NINE.

    I have about zero discipline when it comes to ways of relating to God. My forms of prayer and scripture meditation are a little unconventional, but it works for me. I’m afraid to tell other Christians about that because I don’t want to be judged.

    I also adore TV. We don’t have cable on purpose because I would watch TV all.the.time.

    1. love it, love it, love it. so glad i’m not alone. sorry mike, no more arm shaving. like so many of these ladies, i am a total slacker in the overall shaving category. and ali, we get the same comment but “are you gonna try for that boy” and i feel the same way. like kelly i actually only wanted boys before i had kids (true confessions) and then i had two girls. and they are exactly what i want and need. gender goes out the window when you have kids- you just fall in love with who they are and forget what’s under the diaper. anyway, love LOVE your comments!!

  8. Hey! Great post, I’ve just now gotten around to catching up on some blogs..

    So true about how we replay over and over all the things we dislike and would like to “change”, but we don’t b/c I know me and if I really wanted to I could/would right?!

    So w/ that said: I don’t have kids and still don’t shower every single day. 🙂 I’ve been those chocolate covered donettes donuts for breakfast everyday the past couple of months. I wear underwear w/ holes in them. I need to dye/wax my upper lip, but haven’t had time. I don’t brush my teeth before bed every night. I don’t enjoy cooking, at all – though I enjoy looking at & collecting recipes, go figure. Love snuggling w/ my cat in bed at night. Love reality t.v. I will never break up w/ bread or sweets for that matter. Love my man. Love my Jesus and won’t ever be satisfied with where we are at together, always want to keep growing deeper even though it’s HARD.

    Melissa F.

  9. Just last night my ladies group was talking about how everyone is really the same deep down. We should not be intimidated. Even those who look great, didn’t wake up looking like that. They woke up looking just like the rest of us. We all have the same needs and desires deep down. The same insecurities and trials. It was a beautiful conversation….oh, and everyone poops. : )

    I’m more about the computer than the tv. I surf the blog-sphere and refresh fb too much every day.

    My kids watch at least 1 hour of tv a day.

    My house is messy. My bed room is the worst.

    I want to loose the tummy, but do enjoy the food too much.

    I just turned 30 and that day ate ice cream for breakfast and wore one of my daughter’s barrettes to work just to spite the years.

    My kids are the most amazing in the world, but sometimes I don’t treat them that way.

    I have not had a successful garden where we live now in 3 years, mostly because I neglect it, I don’t weed or water it like I should.

    I don’t plan ahead too well and am usually searching for babysitters at the last minute.

    My husband cuts my hair about 3 times a year and I add the layers and fix it as needed.

    I don’t shave in the winter and only about every other week in the summer.

    I really struggle to get along with my in-laws.

    I love Jesus, want to live for Him, shine for Him, but neglect to spend the time with Him to be able to do that to the best of my ability.

    I have a lot of room to grow in the ‘wife of noble character’ category.

    I wish I could have a little more up top, at least enough to fill in the curves of material on the shirt.

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