More Honduras

My friend Becca who lives and work in Honduras just shared this video. She said that seems to be the way in which the majority of the Honduran people see the situation. An interesting perspective to keep in mind and an important reminder that it’s hard to truly understand or know what’s going on unless we are there ourselves. Check it out and keep praying for Honduras.

Charles Krauthammer on Honduras

BTW I like Obama, so don’t get any ideas there.


One thought on “More Honduras

  1. OK. I’ve been going crazy with all the REAL news around and how all anyone wants to talk about is MJ. Even churches celebrating him? Crazy. Crazy. Anyway, the Honduran prez is clearly a power hungry dude who was way out of line, but we can’t just have militaries removing governments. And we have to speak out for that. And, YES, we should have done more in the Iran situation. I understand that diplomacy is a delicate thing but… Now let’s talk about NK. Oh my.

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