Two down, one (sort of) to go!

Just had to acknowledge that today my husband is officially a 3rd year medical resident or senior if you will.  Very exciting.  Even though we will have a three year fellowship to complete after this, it is still awesome to see that for this stage of the journey, the end is in sight.  There are even rumors that senior year is “less intense” than the others.  I’ll believe that when I see it.

Did I ever mention that we’ll be heading west next June for fellowship?  It’s still a year off, but we are stoked.  The fellowship will be in hematology/oncology and he hopes to eventually specialize in lymphoma.  Very cool.

Yah, this post is boring.  But it’s life, and sometimes life is just that.  I’ll return to the usual poop stories and what not soon.


2 thoughts on “Two down, one (sort of) to go!

  1. That’s not boring! That’s awesome! My husband just finished his first year of law school and I know how huge (in our small, non-med school long haul way) all the edumacation time is. So congrats!
    And as a cancer survivor, may I just say, way to go oncology!
    There’s always a need for good gyn-oncologists. And there’s a shortage in Phoenix! There’s less than ten for this huge metropolitan area. And, unfortunately, lots of work to do. Just saying…

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