Daddy’s Day

I could not resist an opportunity to talk about my man.  I could never have imagined what an amazing father he would be to our kids.  Since I was doubly blessed to have a dad of my own who completely rocks and then a husband who rocks as well, this day brings me nothing but joy.  I don’t ever want to take it for granted.

So, in honor of my husband, a list of the things that I love about him as a dad.  


He is never too busy for a game of hide and go seek

He is willing to wear beaded necklaces

He is really good at putting plastic clothes onto Cinderella

He is gentle

He’s the Dad playing with 20 kids at the birthday party

His energy is endless (even after working a 32 hour shift without sleep)

He and the girls have tons of inside jokes

He thinks comments about “still waiting for that boy” are as ridiculous as I do

He loves the girls enough to give them timeouts

He’ll change a diaper or wipe a booty without prompting or complaint

He loves the girls as much as I do

He is patient 

He thinks my job is hard and praises me for doing it

He teaches the girls things that I can’t

He pushes strollers

He is definitely the hottest Dad on the playground 

He’s willing to carry a pink polka dot diaper bag (in his own way, but he does it)

He’s the perfect Daddy for little girls

He starts to get teary at the thought of BQ getting married (it’s the cutest)

He prays for our children

He is why they will never be able to settle for a man who is anything less (just like I was could not)

He genuinely and truly loves being with our kids

He loves their mother, even when she hasn’t bathed for days

He’s a partner in this parenting game

“He spins us on the stool” (BQ’s addition)


There are so many more things, but I’ll leave it at that.  

Happy Father’s Day to the men who love their kids and wives in a way that makes their neighbors jealous.  Keep doing it. All of us mommas are forever grateful and couldn’t do our job without you.


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