Things I’m Enjoying These Days…Part Deux

My husband 

Peppermint body scrub (yep, the one you gave me for my birthday Melissa)


Molé’s expanding vocab of cuteness

My sweet parents

Ling Ling Potstickers, oh my

Two girls going for a ride in a little red wagon

Fresh fruit and farmer’s markets

Ice cream

Slobbery-sweet 1 year old kisses

Scented candles

Phone calls with far away friends

Dreaming of the west coast

Family vacation in less than a month

Wet Ones Sensitive Skin wipes (you must try them)

3 year olds saying “Mommy, I just love you.”

My neighbors

Parks, parks, and more parks

Starbucks iced coffee (hate to admit it, but it’s fab)

Hummus from the sweet Armenian bakeries down the street

Parents who love me when I’m unlovable

My husband (yes again)

That on Wednesday we’ll know where we’re moving June ’10


That our 8th wedding anniversary is next month (and therefore I don’t need to be tempted to go on the Bachelorette/Bachelor)

The knowledge that God is bigger than the boogy man (sorry if I just got that song in your head)

Little girls splashing in the tub, the big one crowning the other with bubbles, and 20 cute little toes popping up through the bubbles

Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup

Dreaming of a possible month in Uganda


8 thoughts on “Things I’m Enjoying These Days…Part Deux

    1. praying about it. matt will be there working at a hospital for the month of february and we are in the process of seeing how the girls and i might be able to serve as well. wanna come?

    1. well we should totally talk more!! i am getting into contact with some of the ministries that our church in Houston work with in Kampala. matt will be working at mulago hospital in the city at the cancer center, which partners with UW. very cool stuff.

  1. Amy – Mike’s sis Heather & her husband (plus their 4 kids!) are in Kenya (Bomet) working for 2 years on a short term medical mission – He’s an orthopedic surgeon.
    They are with World Medical Mission…

    1. very cool. i didn’t know he was a surgeon. how old are their kids? i am really hoping it works out for us to go, i just have to find a place for us to stay and something for us to do!

  2. Oh man! I want to come to Uganda too! I’ve always, always wanted to work abroad in missions. Not sure how that would work exactly. 😉

    And yay for peppermint body scrub!

    Okay I’m need to be thankful today, so here’s what I’m thankful for:

    * Tylenol with Codeine
    * Cotton Candy
    * Fresh veggies
    * Olive Oil
    * Netlix online
    * Dora
    * Dr. Pepper
    * Wne
    * My husband bringing me Taco Bell
    * Daddies
    * Coupons
    * Cradle Swings
    * A/C!

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