Use it, or Lose it

Ever heard that phrase?  There’s also the ever popular “Move it, or lose it,” that can often be found in similar conversations.  Now that I’ve hit the big 3-0, sigh, I am starting to understand the concept a bit better.  Let’s take my guitar, for example.  I used to play all the time, but in the last four years I’ve picked it up maybe 5 times.  This past week I tried to play some songs with the girls, totally rejected, and found myself just fumbling along and with sore fingers.  That hasn’t happened since the 8th grade.  Another thing I did for the first time in a while last week was, drumroll, I went for a run.  Those of you who have known me for a long time know that running used to be a huge part of my life.  After some knee issues in college (insert Charlie Brown teacher voice and “wah wah wah wah wah”) and lack of interest I basically stopped.  I didn’t go very far, just to Starbucks, but could immediately tell that I was going to be sore.  And there’s the ongoing battle of food in the fridge.  That luscious new yogurt that I’ve been dying to try, but am saving for just the right moment?  Oh yah, had to dump it out because it went bad.  I waited and totally missed out.  Use it, or lose it.

All of this leads me to realize the importance of really taking advantage of every moment of life.  It isn’t hard to find examples of loss.  From dear friends who lost a wonderful teenage son earlier this year to a family member who is battling a horrible cancer, we are constantly reminded that life often takes some crazy turns.  And, sometimes the things that we thought we could wait on, or save for later, never get used or are gone before we’re ready.  No one ever thinks that their child isn’t going to live into adulthood, but it happens.  No one ever gets married and thinks they will be widowed with three small children, but it happens.  And no 18 year old with a tight butt and zero cellulite ever thinks she’ll rock a muffin top (you know where the stomach roll hangs over the jeans) and flabby, well everything, someday.  But, that too happens.  


I'm using the fancy bodywash
I'm using the fancy bodywash

As I was fumbling through the medicine cabinet the other day I came across this tube of bodywash.  You know, it’s the “fancy” kind that comes with a boxed gift set of perfume.  Somewhere in another drawer there is a matching lotion halfway full as well.  I think I’ve had them, and the perfume, for about 5 years.  5 YEARS!!  You would assume that I don’t like the way it smells or feels, but it is quite the opposite.  I love it.  LOVE it.  I always feel like I should be saving it for something special.  But you know what ends up happening?  Before that “special time” arrives it gets rancid and starts to smell like a foot.  Chances are, if I really do wait for that “special time” I will end up reeking of trash with a large rash to boot.  Bummer considering all of the fabulous showers I could have spent bathing in fragrant bubbles, the smooth skin that I (and probably even more so my husband) could have enjoyed, and the perfumed skin that my neighbors and friends would have probably appreciated since I definitely do not bathe on a daily basis.  All that to say, what’s the point of waiting for something that isn’t guaranteed?  Why not make today special.  Carpe-freakin’-diem people!!

I don’t say all of this because I think “bad things” are going to happen.  Not at all.  I just know that it is our choice how we are going to live.  And frankly, I want everyday to rock.  Why settle for something “okay” and just “bar soap” worthy.  Splurge on the suds, drink the $6.99 bottle of wine over the 3 buck Chuck, and kiss your husband and kids.  Do it now, do it today.  Oh, and go check your fridge.  Chances are, there is something in there that you should eat.


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