Ain’t no sunshine…


Sunshine girl
Sunshine girl

It was a rainy, gloomy day today.  The only thing sunny about it happened to be the yellow and orange hair clips I stuck in the girls’ hair.  That’s it.  Not the weather, not the mood, nothing.  By 8:14 a.m. we were ready to get the heck out of the house.  But before that happened, I ran out to the car “briskly” to get BQ’s beloved blue snack trap.  When I got back to the door I could not get in.  That’s right, she locked me out.  Luckily, Molé was contained in her highchair, so I didn’t immediately break into a cold sweat and start completely freaking out.  At first I tried to calmly ask BQ to unlock the door.  Her reply?  “I don’t know how.”  Sweet.  Then I proceeded to YELL, “Open this door RIGHT NOW,” as if that was really going to help, right.  Luckily my upstairs neighbor hadn’t left the house yet and I was rescued.  Thank God for two family homes with shared basements.  I immediately put BQ in a timeout and went to the kitchen to cry.  

After we all recovered we headed out to Target, which went surprisingly well.  After that we met up with some friends at the library and even had a lunch date at one of their homes.  Fabulous.  I was hoping that the drama of the morning was over and done with.  And yet, it was not to be.  So now they are asleep and I am worn out.  I literally think my brain is partially friend.  Tomorrow morning it will begin again and God help me if the mood has not changed.  So I’m venting to you and glad that tomorrow is another day.  Good night!


2 thoughts on “Ain’t no sunshine…

  1. That is the exact reason I kept a key in our garage at our house. Also the reason I taught my girls how to unlock doors. They always seem to figure out how to lock by themselves… Sorry it was such a rough start!! I’m really glad your neighbor was still home. Hopefully we’ll get rid of this gloomy weather soon!

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