A Deo No No

*Hey, update to this post on 6/14 to say I actually got a comment by a CVS worker saying that I could take the product back even without a receipt for a full refund.  Not a bad deal, huh.  Anyway, kind of creepy too, don’t you think?

I am all about buying generic, do it all the time in fact.  BUT, I wanted to alert you ladies to something I just bought that is just not worth saving two bucks!!  

If you sweat like I do, then you are a big fan of all of the “clinical protection” deodorants that are now on the market.  I used to use a prescription in the past that pretty much fried my pits and smelled like something toxic.  So, I am beyond pleased to have powder fresh or shower clean options.  At any rate, I bought this last week to save two bucks rather than buy my usual Degree version.  BIG MISTAKE.  While it did keep my dry, it was all crumbly in my armpits and smells like bug spray!  Not cool.

So, for my sweaty friends out there, I bid you a warning.  Suck it up and spend the money and then save elsewhere.


One thought on “A Deo No No

  1. Ok, you really don’t ever have to buy generic again. I know, I used to buy it all the time thinking I was saving money, but the truth is that when you match a coupon with a sale (especially with some of the reward programs offered at CVS and/or Walgreens), you can get many products (like deodorant) for free or a few cents.

    I don’t think I will ever pay more than $.50 for deodorant- and that is for name brand.

    Here’s the link to another blogger, who just posted about FREE degree at target:

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have questions- I would love to help you save!

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