Are we there, yet?

I think we often associate the above phrase with squealing children in the back of a station wagon on vacation.  You’re still about 6 hours out and they are done.  I know I was one of those kids in the backseat, but in addition to asking “are we there yet” I was probably whining that I also had to go bathroom.  I’m sure my day will soon come.

Lately I find I am asking this question.  Yes, 30 year old me.  I look at our girls as they get put into time out for the same minor infraction for the millionth time that day, throw food across the room, spill beverages out of “big girl” cups, whack their heads on the coffee table, and just plain old whine and wonder about when we will at last be “there.”  And by there I mean that magical place where children understand the fundamentals of wiping and can handle a change in the afternoon’s plan without a complete meltdown.  The place where we can be a bit more spontaneous, leave our beverages out without fear that our children will consume espresso, and use the bathroom alone.  (yes, I mention this one a lot because I miss it that much!!)

Are you there yet?  Some of you might be and maybe you could remind us all about how sometimes when we finally to get there, all we want to do is get back into the car.  Right now it doesn’t feel like we are ever going to get out of the metaphorical car and I just want to scream along with the children, “ARE WE THERE YET!!??”  

So I’m working on it.  Working on savoring these days, even though I kind of want to hit fast forward.


3 thoughts on “Are we there, yet?

  1. Try so very hard not to hit the fast forward button! It is so very tempting but so not worth it 🙂 Because when you get there you just look and wonder why in the world did I want to skip through such a great time?? Because, there is always the next phase, and then the next and the next. One day you’ll look up and realize you should throw away all your sippy cups because you can’t remember the last time your kids had to use one. Or, you’ll pass along all your baby clothes and shed a few tears (as I just did). And, you’ll do the proverbial “where did the time go?” So, give a big squeeze and savor it as best you can!

  2. you are SO right! fyi – we had a game for long car rides…we each got a BIG package of m&ms and each time we said “are we there yet!” throughout the trip, my mom took one away. then we get to eat the rest in the end. 🙂 you just reminded me of that awesome summer memory! 🙂

  3. OK, so I’m late to the game on this post, but give some grace to the Mom with a newborn!

    I am sooooooooo struggling with this very same issue these days. As you know, having a one month old and a 19 month old is demanding work. As days turn into nights and nights turn into days all while I’m still on the clock and haven’t gotten a chance to shower, an hour without someone crying, or sometimes even get a glass of water, I so much wish to fast forward to an easier time of life. These are the bad days. Yet the moment I start to think that I also remember that we are so blessed to have these little children in our lives. There are many who wish disparately to have children and would give anything to have even one of my bad days. And there is so much joy during the good times with the girls, especially in being witness to their discovery of life. So I struggle back and forth, and probably will for years to come.

    The biggest danger in this thought of wanting to get “there” is that as soon as we get “there” we will then want to be someplace else. The quest is insatiable.

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