Things I’m enjoying these days…

Giggles and squeals coming from the girls’ room

Strong iced coffee with cream

Spontaneous bbqs with neighbors where I can spill half a bottle of salad dressing on my pants and it doesn’t matter

Red wine in big, fat, round glasses

Windows open, all the time

Date night

Flip flops and no socks

Wild cherry diet Pepsi

Showers without background noise or little hands moving the curtain

Mother’s Day Out Wednesday mornings

Going to the bathroom alone

Hearing BQ repeat something I’ve been drilling her on without prompting

Afternoon smoothies

Molé’s sweet grin while swinging at the park

Parents and in-laws who visit frequently

The not too far off reality of living near family

Actually keeping my house fairly clean (big accomplishment for me)

Clothes involving a waistband

Ponytails on little girls

Irish Spring body wash (have you tried it????)

Easy Mac

My chocolate brown double stroller and its precious cargo

Dreaming about a third child (no announcements, I said “DREAMING”)

The sound of the door opening when my hubby comes home

The feel of my bed at the end of the day

And nap time


What makes you smile lately?  Write it down and remember it on the days where smiles seem elusive.


2 thoughts on “Things I’m enjoying these days…

  1. none of these things surprised me, amy – you are true to your love of them because I just witnessed most of them up close!

  2. I like the giggles from the girls’ room, too, unfortunately it is short-lived, followed by silence and then, usually, squeals. Nowadays there are certain times of the day where the two eldest just CANNOT play together, with or without adult supervision. Oh, I forgot, you were looking for things we enjoy. I enjoy my newborn who seems to have gotten the memo: she has slept more in her short life than my two previous newborns in their combined six months. Love. It.

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