Today has been the perfect day.  Weather, amazing.  Girls, tons of fun.  And husband…ACTUALLY OFF WORK!!!  We were able to go to the park which sits right on the river.  Stroller ride, playground time and a picnic all with the most perfect weather.  Heavenly.  Because of my sweet husband’s schedule, I am often unaware of holidays and the like since they don’t usually change his schedule or give him additional time off.  Today though, I was reminded that it is in fact a holiday (partly due to the fact that when we went to buy a bottle of wine we were totally denied.  No alcohol sold on Memorial Day.  I know, this state can be a bit, shall I say, “whack.”)

At any rate, I think it’s only fitting on a day like today that I do take some time to think about why there are parades, dark store fronts and shelves of wine covered by metal bars.  To say “thank you” to those who deserve to be thanked and to remember those who should never be forgotten.  Regardless of what we think politically about war the reality is that in between the party lines there are the lives of men and women just like us.  Moms and dads, children, brothers and sisters.  At the end of the day it’s the people and nothing else that matters.  I want to teach my children that life is precious and that each and every life matters.  Whether that means working hard for justice in far away places, or remembering a soldier who died away at war I want them to always put people first.  All people, without thought of who they are or from where they’ve come.  To simply memorialize that fact that they were.

To those who are grieving, I am holding you closely in my heart today.  I promise that though pride and politics might muddy the waters, I am one who will never forget.


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