And then it happened…

You know how parenting is often like gardening?  Yah, yah it’s cheesy, but you know.  Preparing the soil, spreading the seeds, providing ample sunshine, watering, pruning, thinning, and on and on.  Then FINALLY, you get some cute flower or tasty thing to eat.  This is after weeks of waiting, doing a bunch of work, and not seeing any results.  Is the pay off worth it, sure.  But do you kind of want to quit and do a little slash and burn in the process, heck yah.

I don’t really do this much, but today I’m going to so sorry.  Talking about the things my kids do well/early/or that might make them possibly the next Einstein or Michael Jordan is not how I roll.  Believe me, if you are a person who writes about how your kid knew his ABC’s at a certain age I am scrolling quickly down your blog rolling my eyes.  Save it for the grandparents, right?  So to be a total hypocrite, I have to share that BQ has started to really show and understand sympathy.  Mommy whacks her knee and writhes in pain on the ground and BQ is right there saying, “Are you okay, Mommy?”  She starts to jump on the couch, catches me watching and immediately gets down and says, “I’m sorry Mommy,” before I even have to yell!  (still gets the timeout, but still).  

All this to say that there is some fruit in my garden at last, people.  The sweet taste of victory, if you will.  The knowledge that maybe I’m not raising completely self absorbed little people.  Cool, huh!

So, to encourage those of you with the wee ones who steal your food, whine at you for taking 10 seconds to go to the bathroom, wake you up at 5:30 after you’ve been up with a new baby all night and again whine because you are taking so long to get out of bed, or force you to watch the same episode of Word World everyday for a month until you fear your head might explode or you might actually scratch out your own eyes, HANG IN THERE!!!  Keep being the diligent gardener, because before you know if you’ll look out and see what you never thought was possible- a big fat crop.


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