I can’t even being to count how many times I hear this word from BQ on a daily basis.  Now that she finally understands the use of this term rather than saying that everything “hurts” she has no qualms about telling us about everything that is causing her problems.  The hood on the sweatshirt, the low-rise jeans that make “her bunsies stick out” (why do they make toddler jeans this way!!!???), tags on shirts, seams on socks, t-shirt sleeves, pajama bottoms that are loose and ride up under sheets, ponytails, and bedtime pull-ups.  And those are only the things that come to mind right now.  This girl also loves to wear her pajamas and would all day long if I allowed.  When she wakes up, she puts on her big girl panties but wants to linger in her pajamas until we HAVE to put on “outside clothes.”  As much as it drives me up the wall, my sweet husband has reminded me that I am the same way.  What’s the first thing I do when I get home?  Put on a t-shirt, that is a non “fancy” one that I wear out in public, and sweats.  I cannot stand to be in clothing that is at all restrictive or fitted. I must be comfortable.

So I look at BQ and I and realize that in a frightening way we are similar in this area.  Albeit I have some better coping skills after 30 years of dealing with various aspects of clothing and accessories, neither one of us particularly enjoys being away from that which makes us feel comfortable.  Maybe the thought that we can control this one aspect of life, while dealing with all of the external parts that can make us leave this comfort zone brings us, well, comfort.  There will be many things throughout the day that are unplanned and unwelcome.  Choices we make can bring outcomes we had not expected and we end up in situations for which we hadn’t prepared.  If possible, most of us run away, desperate to get back to what’s known.  To what’s comfortable.

Do you know what though?  Comfort doesn’t make the world go round.  Comfort doesn’t get the job done.  Comfort doesn’t accomplish squat.  It is self-seeking, self-pleasing, self-preserving and self-absorbed.  Change and justice are not brought about through complacency.  Injustice is only brought crashing to its knees when people are made to squirm, to step outside of themselves, and get uncomfortable.  Thank God that the small percentage of us who are willing to get our hands dirty and take a chance are making a difference, because you and I know that the vast majority of us are not.  We’re too consumed with getting what we “need” to donate a penny from our bank accounts, too “tired” to give any of our time, too busy to slow down and make eye contact with the homeless in our city, and too chicken to branch out from the daily grind to make a difference.  And it’s really sad.  

Right now, I’m sitting on my couch, sipping iced coffee, listening to some of my favorite music inside my apartment.  Am I comfortable?  Yes.  Do I really feel like getting up?  No.  How sad is that?  A world of people sitting on their couches, too comfortable to do anything but complain from afar, not willing to actually bring about the change that they so long for, and definitely ready to point fingers at anyone but themselves for all that’s wrong in the world.  But, how WRONG is that!  

We were not given life, this life, so that we could waste it on our own pleasure.  Switchfoot says, “We were made to live for so much more, have we lost ourselves?”  Look outside your community, see the world with eyes that are eager to bring about hope, peace, and joy where it is lacking.  Justice to those who have been neglected, love to those both near and far, and friendship to those whose opinions you do not share.  Will you dare to be uncomfortable with me?  If we won’t do it, our children won’t do it and we will raise a generation of self-centered individuals.  Let’s strive for something more, something that’s really freakin’ hard, but worth each drop of sweat and tears that we can give.  Change is possible.

P.S.  Wedgies, that’s the other one for BQ.  Poor girl cannot get those panties on right!


2 thoughts on ““Um-comf-tah-bull”

  1. Thank you for this. The paragraph about comfort not making the world go round was strangely comforting to me, as I find myself in a very uncomfortable place right now. It is good to remember that discomfort is often a sign of God’s Spirit at work. I love your writing, please keep it up!

  2. once again, ames – well said – spirited and clear – both humbling and butt-kicking. thank you. yes, I’ll do the uncomfortables with you – let’s find more ways.

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