She didn’t do it all for the cookie

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but just last week our church launched a pilot Mother’s Day Out program.  VERY exciting for us here on the East Coast where these type of programs do not exist.  So, for the next 8 weeks I will drop off BOTH girls for 4 hours on Wednesdays.  That’s right, did I stutter?  4 HOURS!  I can’t even believe I will have that kind of time on my hands.  AMAZING.  Maybe now I will be able to keep up with my own personal hygiene and what not.

Since the program runs through the lunch hour, I get the task of packing a lunch for both ladies.  Molé is at that ravenous beast stage of eating where if it’s near her, she can pick it up, and it looks like food she will eat it.  Lint, the occasional stray hair ball, trash somehow look appetizing to that one.  BQ is luckily past this phase and eating like a normal person.  She’s actually very easy when it comes to food, so no complaints.

At our house, the rule is that at dinner you can earn a “treat” if you eat well.  Sometimes it’s something really good like ice cream and other times I am the lame mom who gives her kid fruit.  Well, when I packed her lunch this morning I tossed in one of the Gerber banana cookies.  You know, the pasty/no sugar added/dry/maybe if I dipped it in chocolate it might have a chance, kind.  To her, they are the creme de la creme.  We actually have them at our evening “tea parties.”  She’s a big fan.  

Back to the lunch.  So she had a turkey sandwich, apples, pretzel goldfish, the “juice with all the fruits mixed up” (fruit punch, Motts for Tots people don’t get any ideas), mandarin oranges (she’s currently obsessed and says the word in an intensely cute way), and the lone banana cookie in one of those mini snack size ziploc bag (aren’t those WORTHLESS?  i think the only reason they are ever bought is by mistake- that’s why i have a drawer full.  don’t you have some too, mom?)  As the kids finished up lunch, one of the teachers came over to help BQ pack up what she hadn’t eaten.  She was admiring the cookie and then said, “Mommy says I can have a cookie if I eat a good dinner.”  The teacher looked at the virgin turkey sandwich, conquered mandarin oranges and apples, and wondered how to proceed.  Luckily, BQ took the reigns with the following, “Did I eat a good dinner?  I think we should ask mommy,” and then put the cookie back in the bag.  

I know it sounds really trivial, but this was definitely a victory moment for me.  I never know what they are going to do when I’m not there grilling them to say their “nice words,” be respectful, and not speak about certain parts of their anatomy in public.  She could have eaten that cookie, with ease, and yet she chose not to.  As we say in our house, “it’s all about making choices.”  So maybe she’s learning?

Who knows.  I won’t tempt fate by putting M&M’s in there next week- she’s only human, people!  But, resisting a dried up tasteless cookie…what a way to make a statement.


2 thoughts on “She didn’t do it all for the cookie

  1. Okay
    A.) I’m soooo jealous!
    B.) nice job, mommy. Mine eats the BARE minumum, earns her treat, then goes back for more. Stinker. There’s no WAY she’d pass up any Special Treat (ST), dried up cookie or not.

  2. Way to go!
    Ellie asked to be “excused” at lunch at McDonald’s the other day before going to play on the toys. I almost fell over!
    It is nice when they demonstrate they actually have been listening, learning and taking it all in.

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