While they were sleeping

You know the days when your kids are driving you nuts?  When you contemplate telling your husband that you are going to run away to some exotic locale, and your return is questionable?  Yah, I have those days too.  

Who knows, maybe it’s my mood, their mood, or our moods put together that causes the explosive results.  Regardless, not all days with our kids are going to be as blissful as a baby wipe’s commercial.  I mean, if they can make the act of wiping look sweet, fresh, and pleasant, is there anything they CAN’T do?  I on the other hand live in the reality where the poop smells, the wipes are all gone from the container, the extra package is way down in the basement, and I’m stuck with a 13 month old who is about to roll around in her own feces.  Do you think I could pitch it to Huggies?

Anyway, I have found something on these crazy days that helps me to regain my sanity.  It is a magical little time of day called “nap time.”  Isn’t there something amazing about little ones when they are asleep?  The serenity and absolute beauty of a sleeping child is incredible.  Each night when we go into the girls’ room to make sure they are covered up and comfy, I am struck by how awesome it is to have them in our home.  Even if the day has been completely horrible, I am refilled with love and passion for these two little people.  What a gift.

Maybe God did that on purpose.  I already think He knew he had to make them cute or non of this would work.  But to give us the sweetness of their sleep on top of it all is truly brilliant.

So, if you’re having one of those days, hang in there and wait for nap time.  And if nap time isn’t happening and that is what is making your day horrible, wait for night time.  At any rate, they will eventually sleep again and when they do, go take a peek.  Breathe them in, pause for a moment, and realize that at the end of the day all is well.  And you, their mommy, are very blessed indeed.


2 thoughts on “While they were sleeping

  1. How refreshing to hear your insights! I was laughing at your baby wipe comments b/c this morning I was pulling my youngest out of the bath as he started to poop. My 2 year old was already pooping on the toilet so I hung the baby over a towel. I then had the 2 yr old lean forward & was about to put the towel poop in the toilet when I realized….NO TOILET PAPER! I then yelled to my 4 yr old to get the toilet paper to which she said, “But Mom! I have to poop NOW!” She grabbed the t.p. and ran in the other bathroom to do her business.

    I was laughing & decided at least it was only 8:30 and we’d already had 3 successful bowel movements. What an adventure it is to be a mom!! Love it 🙂

  2. maybe I should go peek in on the micah dudes when they’re peacefully asleep more often too… hmmmm… the other day Cristofer, Marvin, and Wilmer were asleep in the backseat of our car (coming back from a camping trip) , all kind of leaning to their right, and it was lovely (and quiet).

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