Rules, Schmules!

I completely understand why we live in a world that needs and insists upon having laws and rules.  Protection, safety, harmony, equality, and much more are upheld when we all “follow directions,” right?  Why is it then that so many rules, when enforced, end up negating the very thing they were made to promote?  

As you all know, our loved ones are adopting an amazing baby boy.  Right now he’s in a clinic being monitored and taken care of before they can bring him home.  Okay, makes sense.  So, the clinic has some extremely rigid rules regarding visiting hours, etc.  I get that this is all to “protect” the babies and for whoever created them, they must make sense.  But, I think they are crap.  Basically, our friends can only see THEIR son for one hour a day four days a week.  Say what?  Yah, it’s crap.  This is a situation where the rule is actually, in so many ways, hurting the baby.  He needs to feel love, to be held, talked to, covered in kisses, and most of all with his mom and dad!!  It seems so simple, so obvious, how could they possibly enforce these lame restrictions.  And yet, they do.  And again, it’s crap.

So, I ask that for those of you who are the praying kind, that you would pray.  Pray that rules would do what they are supposed to do- protect the heart and purpose of what they were originally created for!!  One thing I love about Jesus is that he pretty much said, “rules are crap.”  It’s what is behind them, what is in your heart that matters.  And he was right.  

Let’s pray that these social workers, nurses and other staff would remember that, even if they’re atheists, Jesus got this one right.  Let’s look beyond the “letter of the law” and see the heart, the people above anything, in everything.  

Otherwise let’s face it, it’s crap.

(wow, I said crap a lot in this post.  crap)


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