Can’t sit still

Can I tell you a secret?  How about this, I’ll keep most of the facts secret, but give you the low down?  That’s fair I think.

Two of my favorite people in the world are in the process of becoming licensed foster parents.  I cannot even begin to explain how amazing they will be and how blessed these children will be to be loved by this amazing couple.  Their ultimate desire is to adopt a child through this process, which excites me to no end!!  

Well right now as I type there is a BIG possibility that they may have a son.  He’s 3 days old and seems like a great fit for their family.  They may know for sure tomorrow whether or not they get to bring this little one home.  WOW.

 I just cleaned out and reorganized my garage- can you tell I’m a bit antsy/excited/anxious/freaking out!!??

Please pray for this situation.  I am confident that God will provide the perfect child at the perfect time.  I, personally, would just like it to be now.  🙂


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