Parents that are grand

This last week we have been in a warm place, with even warmer people.  Being a hot weather girl at heart, I find living in the east where it snows for what feels like years to be almost unbearable.  Luckily, my parents still live in the city of my youth, which is always good for a mid winter thaw out.  We head back tomorrow,  and I am DREADING coats, mittens, and the like.  Yuck.

In addition to the weather, the best part of coming here is getting to be with my parents.  Not only do they genuinely love my girls, they seem to actually think I’m cool.  And, in a world of little people who tend to “use and abuse” it’s really nice to have someone take care of me.  To be someone’s little girl for a change.  I don’t think we really ever outgrow our need for mommy.

I was thinking about the term “grandparent” and realize it’s pretty dead on.  They act like parents, but man they are definitely more up on their game.  More patient, more fun, and let’s face it, they are unphased by anything.  They’ve seen it before.  And, they somehow manage to make everyone, children and grandchildren alike, feel special.  To quote one of Molé’s t-shirts, “Grandparents Rock.”

Oh, and did I mention the ample stock of treats in the house?  Oh yes.  

So thanks Mom and Dad, you are much more to me and these girls than you know.  Thanks for being, well, grand.


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