Third Wheel

There has been a new phenomenon in our house lately and I gotta say I’m a fan.  I remember being totally overwhelmed when we brought BQ home from the hospital.  Then, when Molé joined us I wondered what the heck I thought was so difficult about having one child!  But, as we all know, hindsight is 20/20 and with kids we pretty much feel chaotic and frazzled at all times regardless of how many we have.  

Anyway, lately the girls LOVE spending time together.  First thing in the morning they run past me, giggling, and into their tent/house.  They might call out for drinks and snacks, but other than that I am pretty much not needed.  When we are all together, I am definitely the “third wheel.”  And you know what?  I couldn’t be happier.  

I feel truly blessed not only to have them, but that they have each other.  My mom has mentioned to me in the past how wonderful it is for her when my brother and I enjoy one another’s company and how important it is to her that we are close.  Now that I’ve experienced it firsthand, I get it.  There is nothing better.  

So, I will savor every giggle, every night they stay awake for little while “chatting” in their beds, and the wrestling matches they have on the mini couch.  These are sweet, sweet days.


One thought on “Third Wheel

  1. oh man, i’m so looking forward to this! Think of all you can accomplish! Or the rest you can get. 🙂 That’s awesome your girls are such friends. I pray the same for mine.

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