Traveling light?

I apologize for the delay in blogging.  The girls and I have been traveling for the past two weeks, which did not allow me much time for the computer.  Both of our trips were awesome, but I am exhausted.  The girls did really well, over all, but let’s face it-traveling with two kids is no picnic.  Just to give you a mental picture, here is the list of items that I had in tow on my voyage.

1.  Large roller suitcase

2. Small roller suitcase

3. Britax Roundabout carseat

4. Double stroller

5. Backpack/diaper bag

6. DVD player

7. BQ’s small Dora backpack

8. Bag of “Lovies” and such

9. Snack bag

My technique is the following:

Strap down small people in said stroller.  Do not allow them to escape and/or move under any circumstances.  Doing so may result in total and utter chaos.  I repeat, keep contained.  Next, purchase snazzy backpack attachment for said carseat that you are carrying onto the plane.  Place on back.  Fill stroller pouches with all small bags that will be going onto the plane.  Get rid of those roller suitcases at check-in, after looking like a complete freak of nature for carrying that much junk.  Next, take approximately ten thousand hours to unload said stuff from stroller, along with children, shoes, coats, liquids in baggies, baby food, and the like.  Put all of that stuff up onto the conveyer belt to pass through the x-ray, all while holding a baby who just wants to get down and walk, and wrangling a 3 year old who is exploring mid daydream.  After passing through this LOVELY process, pack it all up and get ready to do it again as you board the plane.  While boarding the plane, make sure to hit each chair and innocently sticking out elbow within reach as you whack the seats with the carseat on your back.  Definitely a good way to make friends with fellow passengers.  Finally, when you reach your seats, make sure you turn down all help, because you are too stubborn to receive it, and put all your stuff away and get buckled while the kids scream, spill stuff, and inflict bodily harm on one another.  Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the short duration of your flight.

Thank God the trips were worth the work.


2 thoughts on “Traveling light?

  1. You are awesome! I can’t believe you have traveled alone with the girls on several occasions now. You are totally all pro. It does scare me from ever wanting to travel by plane with my little ones – especially alone – don’t see it happening. 🙂 Miss you!

  2. I have another friend who posted about similar travels and having to lay her dear baby on the floor in order to go through security.

    #1 ~ Why don’t they just let moms like us pass?? Seriously?!?!

    #2 ~ Why does no one help? I recently traveled alone and helped a grandpa fold an umbrella stroller so he could put it in the vehicle so mom could install 2 car seats and head out just a little quicker. If I had noticed the situation sooner I would have installed a seat for her too. Help out people….and accept it mom! : )

    #3 ~ You’re a tough momma!

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