Fever Fever

The girls and I arrived safely at our warm destination.  It feels amazing to not wear a coat!  When we stepped outside I could hardly believe that the air was actually hot and muggy.  Amazing.  We’ve spent time outside, which is a rare treat these days.

Unfortunately, the day before we left BQ started coughing.  I feared it was the beginning of something and it was.  On the plane ride down she was so out of it, which was almost helpful!  Does that sound awful?  That I would prefer a sick child for travel?  Let’s just say it takes the intensity level down a notch.  Yesterday, which was our first full day, the poor thing was miserable.  We went to the beach and she had absolutely no energy.  Luckily she still managed to have fun and took a three hour nap after the outing.  She is feeling much better this morning.

Mole, on the other hand, is not.  She began coughing yesterday and had a hard time settling down to sleep last night, as she was running a fever.  She’s been okay today, but I can tell she’s hurting.  We managed to go to a really cool zoo this morning, so at least we are still enjoying the trip.  Hopefully sweet Mole will turn the corner soon and be back to making crazy sounds, busting out her dance moves, and general cuteness.

On another note, it’s been almost a week and I’m still not feeling engorged.  I’m hoping I dodged the bullet, but you never know!  Molé is still not into drinking milk, so I am pumping her full of yogurt, cheese, and any other dairy products within reach.  Hopefully she’ll get into it soon.  She loves water, so at least she’s not going to shrivel up and float away.

Here’s hoping BQ, who is currently having a mini fiesta during naptime, doesn’t wake up her poor sister who is napping beside her!


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