I have been so fortunate to be able to breastfeed our girls.  It has truly been a highlight of being a mom.  It was the one thing, in a sea of challenges and struggles as a mom, that has been blissfully simple.  I am beyond grateful.  

BQ nursed well from the start and stopped two days after her first birthday.  She was a slow nurser in the beginning, lingering and sucking for what felt like hours!  Nursing was her comfort, her safe place, and her source of food.  As she grew older, she nursed less for comfort and more for nourishment and eventually came to transition away completely on her own.  It was such a great experience and I always hoped for the same with our other kids.

Along comes my sweet Molé.  Like her sister, she was a great nurser from the beginning.  No soreness, no latching issues, not even a dab of expensive nipple cream.  Not only that, she was SO fast!  As a newborn she would take ten minutes max per side and by about 6 weeks she was down to 5 minutes per side.  It was a gift to have a baby eat so quickly when there is a toddler to be wrangled!  She never nursed for comfort, she was all business.  If she was hungry, great.  If not, don’t even think about it. 

I started to slowly cut back on her feedings at about 9 months, thinking that I would aim for a similar “weaning timeline.”  Last week we were transitioning to about 2 feedings a day, but they were very short and I could tell not very satisfying.  I figured that I could drag it out for another 3 weeks until her 1st birthday.  Well, that is not to be.  It has been almost 48 hours since she cut me off.  That’s right, cold turkey.  Let’s just say I am feeling a bit top heavy!!  In many ways I am so grateful for the timing and that she is ready, but in other ways I just want to sob.  Realizing that it is over is a mixture of emotions, for me.  I guess I just didn’t think that would be the last time.  But it was.  

My baby is growing up.

Speaking of, both of my babies are now waking up.  How do they do that?  No lag, no grace period, dual wake-ups.  C’est la vie!


One thought on “Wean-ed?

  1. I’m taking some time today to catch up on you a little bit….

    I’m a little the opposite here. I did like nursing, I did love that time with the babies. But when it was done, I felt a big weight lifted off my shoulders. I was always worried with #1 about if he was getting enough, which I still wonder if he was at times. And #2 we supplemented about once a day and that made me less stressed. But the day they stopped was the day the stress of that responsibility was lifted from me. Both stopped at 10 months. #1 started biting and being “pulled in” as one method suggests so after a day would cry as soon as I got him into eating position. And #2 just stopped, no warning, no reason I could come up with, just would lay there and not eat, no interest. Still wonderful bonding time, but not my gift.

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