Almost forgot…

My hubby reminded me that I forgot another great line from yesterday and that not only is BQ starting to talk like me, but totally got the “purchase presentation” gene from me as well. And, well, he’s right.  Not only do I do it after going somewhere like the mall, but I also do it with groceries.  I literally pull him away from whatever he is doing to show him condiments or bath products depending on the day.  Every guy’s fantasy right here, baby.

Anyway, BQ and Daddy have been playing with these two plastic donuts from her play food.  One has brown icing and the other pink.  Matt is usually assigned the pink one, go figure.  At the store, we purchased a sassy pair of pink capri pants and this is what happened when she showed those to Daddy.

“Ooh, look at these ones.  They’re totally rosado.  Daddy, I think you like the rosado donut.  Yah, you like it,” she exclaimed without pause, breath, or allowance for disagreement.

So not only is she doing my “totally” and “way,” but Spanglish too.  Could it be that I am just cooler than I thought and she can’t help but emulate me?  Not in this life, but hey, it’s a thought.


2 thoughts on “Almost forgot…

  1. Now you know why little kids can learn other languages so easy!! Love the new blog and can’t wait to hear more of your adventures! Keep letting us know new sayings she comes up with…or rather borrows from you! 🙂

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