So lately BQ, like most normal almost 3 year olds I assume, is OBSESSED with asking “why.”  Doesn’t matter if the question is even logical, it’s asked.  Example as follows…

“Hey BQ, what do you want for breakfast,” I ask.

“Probably, a yogurt tube,” she responds followed by…”Why.”

“I don’t know, sweetie, that’s just what you picked,” I answer hoping to stop the thread.

“Cause I like it?  Why,” she continues on.

I find myself then beginning to think things like, “Because of its fruity goodness, perhaps the creaminess is more than you can resist…and stop.  Then I think of the answer to end all questions (or so I think)

“I don’t know, BQ.  Why do you think you picked it.”

“Cause I like it.  Yah.  Why?”

And on and on and on.  The hard thing is trying to find the balance between wanting to stuff 5 thousand pounds of cotton in my ears versus wanting to nurture and cultivate her thirst for knowledge.  If only she would move onto another question.  Maybe even a question that involved more than one word?  Alas, I guess I am destined to be living in the land of “why.”


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